Stock exchange listing

SCIUKER Frames is among the first operators in the segments of wood, aluminum and structural glass windows, it is in a positive growth trend that sees the company constantly expanding both on the Italian and foreign markets. The SCIUKER Lab is the laboratory of ideas where research and development come together, the meeting place where the technological and aesthetic efforts of engineers and designers converge to combine the naturalness of materials with Italian creativity.

The design instinct of the R&D team, through 16 proprietary patents, materializes in the optimization of production processes and in the choice of the best natural materials, for design fixtures with high performance in terms of energy efficiency. Hence the Minimal Frame system, which makes the dimensions of the frame essential by making the most of the thermal insulating characteristics of the glass. All this is possible thanks to the use of natural and advanced products such as multilaminar wood, a structural material made up of different lamellae and with greater mechanical strength, which gives great stability and non-deformability. Essential prerequisites for obtaining windows with an essential design with very low door height and perfectly thermal insulation.

SCIUKER Frames windows are certified and guaranteed by the CE mark, which certifies their compliance with the highest quality and safety parameters, as well as compliant with CasaClima standards in class A for high energy efficiency.

A material design that uses the warmth of wood to furnish the home with the beauty of Nature, further enhanced by a 15-year guarantee that makes SCIUKER Frames products timeless design objects.

1st listed window company

Since August 2018 SCIUKER Frames (SCK) has been listed on the multilateral trading system AIM Italia, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. . An important milestone that has opened the company to new opportunities and strategic partnerships to increase its market share in Italy and abroad. The company’s entrance to Piazza Affari paved the way for a different way of doing business.

SCIUKER Frames is the first window company to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, bringing a new development model to the sector to support the growth of Made in Italy excellence also with the capital market.

For 25 years SCIUKER Frames has been at the service of living comfort and the planet with the design and production of eco-friendly design windows, defining new production and aesthetic standards for the window and door sector. The passion for Italian design, for the product and customization have made it possible to create a tailoring industry by taking the combination of industrial technology and artisan know-how to the extreme.

The continuous search for innovation for maximum energy efficiency of windows and the use of wood coming only from PEFC and FSC certified forests, allow the company to pursue the ideal of sustainability that has always guided it: safeguard the planet and improve people’s life.

SCIUKER Frames has created a revolutionary window system based on a patented and proprietary technology, Stratec technology, thanks to which the company creates “tailor made” products capable of combining comfort, aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Today SCIUKER Frames is present throughout the country with over 300 retailers and 5 directly managed stores.