Mission & Vision


SCK Group Energy Saving Company aims to increase the energy efficiency of homes and improve living comfort, reducing consumption and consequently the costs of bills.

As an Energy Saving Company we aim to transform our housing stock. The EU housing stock is ineffective from an energy point of view in fact about 35% of the buildings are over 50 years old and consume twice as much as today’s buildings. Nobody knows but the building envelope is responsible for 45% of CO2 emissions. If we made the entire building stock more efficient, the European objectives of reducing emissions by 2030 would be more achievable. The window is the key factor in making buildings more efficient and reducing energy consumption and consequently CO2 emissions.

Every major change
does not arise overnight.


We need a precise direction and many concrete actions, one after the other, in order to transform reality in depth.

SCK Group – a union of the companies Sciuker Frames, Ecospace, GC Infissi and Teknika – has clearly chosen how to focus its commitment in the coming years. There is only one direction to go: sustainability. Transforming the concept of home, overturning the perspective with which cities are built, connecting the needs of people and those of the environment.

The increase in the earth’s temperature, climate change, the continuous release of C02 from the atmosphere are outlining a totally new landscape of life for companies, people, businesses and institutions. We are all called to change.

The challenge that awaits us is global and local and there is no better time than TODAY to start acting.

Sustainable and Made in Italy fixtures to save energy and improve living comfort.