Why invest in SCK

Why invest in SCK

SCK Group is the primary Saving Company alongside companies and conscious consumers who choose to live in a sustainable home while reducing consumption.

The SCK Group has about 70 years of experience in the segment of eco-sustainable window design and production.

The Group represents the first pole of windows and solar shading with Made in Italy design by adopting new circular economy systems for the cities of tomorrow.

SCK is a leader throughout the national territory, with a high growth rate.


The FUTURE LAB is the laboratory of ideas where research and development merge, the meeting place where the technological and aesthetic efforts of engineers and designers converge to combine the naturalness of materials with Italian creativity.

Thanks to FUTURELAB, SCK Group has designed products that, thanks to over 20 proprietary technologies, allow for large margins, contributing as a leader in the energy transition to helping the Planet.


The Group, relying on solid governance, participates in a rapidly evolving market, supported by an important growth in demand arising from the need to upgrade the Italian building stock to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our services, complete and able to satisfy every need, allow us to penetrate more deeply into the building market.

The Group is therefore ready to face the current market characterized by an important growth in demand, also thanks to strong partnerships with companies deeply rooted in the national territory.

In order to double the production capacity of the group, to cope with the increase in demand, our considerable investments are translated into concrete actions, such as the launch of the last industrial complex “Sciuker Frames Factory” of approximately 50,000 square meters with over 12,000 square meters of covered areas which allowed more than one hundred new hires.

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