The circular economy is the driver of the SCK Group’s sustainability strategy.

Our philosophy

Living in an ecological and economic space together is what we have been aiming for over 25 years.

A space where development, planning and design are bridges to be built towards a sustainable world, where living comfort is conceived in harmony with the planet.

The entire production philosophy of the SCK group is based on the circular economy and the concepts of recycling and upcycling. The waste is recovered and found a second life, without the need to cut down trees or use additional resources. Our wood come only from PEFC and FSC certified forests, in full respect of the territory and biodiversity. 50% of processing waste is recycled to generate furniture items in collaboration with partner companies and the other 50% used for heating the company headquarters or sold to local pellet producers, as induced for the territory. Furthermore, the solar energy produced by the 1368 photovoltaic panels has been the engine of the production plant since 2018 and has made it possible to avoid entering the atmosphere, 151,616 kg of CO2, equivalent to approximately 500 trees planted.

The entire car fleet is made up of methane-fueled cars and for years we have been carrying out a scrupulous separate collection of waste, which 70% of which is recycled and transformed to be reintroduced into the market. This is possible thanks to the use of natural and 100% recyclable raw materials, such as wood and aluminum.

Here, every aspect follows a sustainable cycle, capable of generating new energies to be spread throughout the system in a virtuous and propitious way, for people and the environment.

Our committent

For about 25 years we have been designing natural windows in wood aluminum and structural glass wood, all based on patented technologies that define new production and aesthetic standards. In fact, thanks to the technologies developed by our Research and Development department, we produce frames with distinctive technical characteristics compared to traditional ones with the aim of offering solutions that combine stability, lightness, thermal insulation and eco-sustainability.

SCIUKER Frames aims at the highest quality of the materials chosen for the absolute efficiency of the products in order to satisfy the final customer. Not surprisingly, we have a plant that revolutionizes the industrial approach in the sector: our production logic is not based on the plants, but on the product that is made with maximum environmental efficiency.

Each of our windows is subjected to rigorous tests during each production phase, paying great attention to details and quality. Our team of experts, combining technological approach and manual experience, evaluates whether the fixtures meet the parameters of structural and environmental reliability.

SCIUKER Frames windows are certified and guaranteed by the CE mark, which certifies their compliance with the highest quality standards, as well as complying with CasaClima standards for high energy efficiency.

We work together every day to introduce fixtures onto the market that can be the protagonists of energy redevelopment and the efficiency of buildings, for a more sustainable world.


Circular economy


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