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We are SCK Group, Energy Saving Company alongside companies and conscious consumers who choose to live in a sustainable home by reducing consumption and saving on bills. We have the goal of transforming the ineffective housing stock from an energy point of view. Approximately 35% of buildings are over 50 years old and consume twice as much as today’s buildings. The European objective of reducing emissions by 2030 would be more achievable by making the entire building stock more efficient.

A single governance with four souls: Sciuker Frames, Sciuker Ecospace, GC Infissi, Teknika, who have been in the field for 25 years to improve living comfort while respecting the health of the planet and people.

We believe that well-being and quality of life inside homes are the first step for a sustainable world: we are committed to doing so by installing windows with high energy and eco-sustainable performance and by carrying out building redevelopment interventions throughout the national territory aimed at reducing waste, consumption and CO2 emissions.

We carry out energy upgrading of condominiums and residential units through the implementation of all the tax and environmental benefits enshrined in the 110% Ecobonus Relaunch Decree.


A reference point in the production of natural and Made in Italy fixtures for the domestic and foreign market, SCIUKER Frames has transformed windows from a simple functional element to a piece of furniture for the home and buildings in a circular economy perspective.


Protagonist in the building transformation process of the Italian housing stock, the company moves in the direction of sustainability, zero impact and energy efficiency to improve living comfort and the health of the planet.


The core business is the production of PVC doors and windows, which represents 90% of the business, but to meet every market need, the production of aluminum doors and windows was also introduced in 2017, a department currently undergoing rapid expansion.


Teknika, founded in 2006, is a company active in the production of mosquito nets, roller shutters, thermal insulating monoblocks and external awnings that will complete the integrated system studied by the Group. With over 23,000 square meters covered with production areas, it is a consolidated reality at national and international level, always present at the most prestigious trade fairs in Italy and abroad, exports material weekly to various EU countries and works with stable customers in the 4 major world continents.

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